A building's roof is an investment in its long-term value. That's why so many customers ask the professionals from Damphousse Roofing for help. If you're looking to install a new roof, maintain an existing one, or do roof repair and maintenance work, our crew is ready to get on the job for you. We have the equipment needed to handle everything from tearing off existing materials to putting in new work.
Our office is located in North Andover, MA, and serves the complete Merrimack Valley region. Our services include many options for maintaining or repairing your current roof. Some examples of our services are new or replacement gutters, install snow and ice barriers, snow removal, repair existing roofs, and we also offer various coating options to extend your current roof life, and install new or updated roofing.
Our company is capable of dealing with a number of different types of materials to meet your roofing needs We have experience putting in rubber roofs, double-locking metal options, architectural shingles or shake style roofs. We are also capable of handling more complex projects such as building a roof deck.
When the job needs to be done the right way, Damphousse Roofing can help you get the results you expect. Contact our firm today and ask a member of our team to prepare a free estimate for your next roofing project.